As early ideas are being pitched to executives, we use illustrations to augment the written descriptions.
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Presentation & storyboards
Use storyboards to help traslate scripts and conceptualized the needs of the shot to assist the AFX artist and video editor.
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Print & Posters
As an artist, I work continually on personal projects to help expand my skills and personal need to create.
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illustrations & graphics
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• Proficient with Sketch & Adobe Suite
• Rapid prototypes & motion studies
• UX/UI strategy & production skills
• Brand guidelines & design language
• Knowledge with ADA principles
My Design Skills
• Traditional drawing skills
• Vector illustration
• Storyboarding
• Icon creation  
• Sketching enthusiast  
• Bass  guitarist
My Artistic Skills
about me
Hi, I’m Frank Barnhardt — a well rounded UI designer verse in all aspects of the UX process currently designing @Chase.
This project was begun in Fall 2016 to redesign the Chase Personal Online experience to help our 33M+ customers feel comfortable in the world of their finances.
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Chase online redesign
Leading design that catter to the public [pre login]  branding space.   This is a mouduoer stystem that are...
Chase Public microsites
“Design is thinking made visual.”
— Saul Bass
design thinking
Design lead for the redesign of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s corporate website by introducing a responsive framework around a scalable modular digital magazine layout.
selected  illustrative projects
You Invest is Chase's primarily app-based tool to help customers build automated investment portfolios. This project was one of the first investment tools created by the company.
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You Invest
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Below I’ve highlighted the areas I strongly represent during the life span of a project, based off the skills I bring to the table. .
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Chase Mobile App Store
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selected ui/ux projects
The Design Process
During the life of design project, I’ve highlighted the areas I strongly represent.
The Design Principles
• Kickoff
Target Audience
• Team Goals
• Requirements
• lo-fi mockups
• prototypes
• Final reviews
• Final Adjustments
• Design specs

• Assesability
• User Testing
• Design Stystem
• Scrum team
Launch product
• Keeping it Simple
• Adding the
Human element
• Making it
Cohesive Design thinking