My name is Frank and I love design. Currently I'm working as a Visual Design Lead on products for Chase Bank.  We are building  visual material for the upcoming "next generation" relaunch of  During this time, I've been a big part of adhering strong design principles and disciplined visual continuity to the design language and user experience attached to this titanic site.


I've also recently collaborated on many other project too. Like managing and creating visual content for a multitude of instructional videos. Over the years I've also worked side by side with a multitude of world-class animators on many high-profile commercials.


End of the day, I very much enjoy life and carry an enthusiasm with me into the work place that always seems to lift a teams spirit and productivity.   It's not unheard of for me to incite an impromptu guitar circles or the spearheading  "spur of the moment" cocktail hours to get the masses in a good mood.


When it comes to my professional life, I like cool projects. cool companies. and cool people.

If you fall into any of those categories, and would like to work together, please drop me a line.  ---  Thanks for stopping by.


UI/UX & Visual Design
J.P. Morgan Chase Animated Works
Wild Brain Inc. Disney mobile content
Disney Interactive Studios Paintings & Designs
Oil / Acrylic / Watercolor