My name is Frank Barnhardt and I am a multi-disciplinary UI designer and illustrator versed in all aspects of the UX process. During my career I have worked in advertising, design, and publishing for clients like Disney, EA, Nike and Coca-Cola.  I am currently designing products for Chase.

When not working, you can find me thumping on my bass, tending to my kids, or hiking my amazing family around Marin.
From concept to completion, I’m both an artist and designer who is passionate to take a “customer experince first”  approach to my designs, then weave that “human touch” back into the technology.  I bring a wide range of artistic skills to the table and have an especially collaborate disposition, and one who works well with enginiers, developers and fellow designers to innovative creative solutions to the problem presented to us.
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Let me be Frank
• Strong comprehension with UX/UI principles
• Proficient with Adobe & Sketch, and InVision  
• Prototyping and UX motion studies
• Proficient with typography and color theory
• Produces to meet brand guidelines
• Seasoned with ADA principles
• Proficient with Keynote
• Vector illustration and icon creation
• Experience with storyboarding
• Experience with Traditional 2D animation
• Illustration / Painting major
• Traditional drawing skills
• Daily sketching enthusiast  
• Bass and rhythm guitar (always up for a jam)
Here are a few clips from a recent gig my band performed @ Sweetwater for Crossroads.   That’s me on bass.
Sonic Death Monkey @ Sweetwater 11/12/19
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family time
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