Work with product owners, writers, and developers to create “next generation” digital experiences through out the Chase digital banking products.

As a UX Design lead I have been at the forefront of many of the  redesigns for the visual patterns associated with the tools used within Payments, Investments and our public module system.

As an Illustrator, I work with leadership to conceptualize early ideas being pitched to executives. We cycle between storyboards and illustrations to help augment the written descriptions, and help to stimulate imagination of the possibilities of the pitched product.
JPMorgan Chase, San Francisco, CA
UI / UX Design Lead
As a storyboard artist, I worked on many SIMS related projects for their commercials and promotional reels.   This was a highly collaborative and fast-paced environment where post-production, project organization and the creative team ran lean & mean, and was always on time.
Electronic Arts, Redwood Shores, CA
Storyboard Artist / Character Dev
This was an amazing team.  We continually innovated new ideas for mobile content that shipped to both international and domestic markets.   The content was mainly animated GIF and mobile game interfaces created to help support upcoming Disney/Pixar marking campaigns.  We also created custom weekly-animated episodic cartoons using many of the character of in the Disney family.
Disney Interactive Media Group, Burbank, CA
Senior Artist / UI Design
While at Wild Brain I managed their 2D Ink & Paint / Camera division that produced the final renders for a large collection of TV series, commercials and feature films including: Anita Bomba, Nike, KFC, Cartoon Network & Coca-Cola.
Wild Brain Inc, San Francisco, CA
Ink & Paint Department Manager
2005- 2009
2010 - 2011
2011 - present
Job Experience
From concept to completion, I’m both an artist & designer who takes a user-center approach to design thinking.  I bring a wide range of artistic skills to the table and have an especially collaborate disposition, and one who works well with writers, developers and fellow designers to innovative creative solutions to any problem presented to us.
Personal Statement
Design Skills
• Sketch & Adobe Suite
• UX/UI strategy
• Rapid prototypes
• Keynote presentaions
• Design language
• Motion studies
• ADA principles
Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)
Ringling School of Art + Design
Major in Illustration
Web design / motion graphics
2008- 2009
Class of 91’
Artistic Skills
• Vector illustration
• Traditional drawing
• Storyboarding
• Concepual art  
• Character creation
• Sketching enthusiast  
• Bass  guitarist
Favoritre quote
“Design is thinking made visual.”
— Saul Bass
Frank Barnhardt
UI/UX Design • Illustration • Art Direction
My name is Frank and I’m a well rounded UI/UX designer with years of hands-on creative experience.  I also incorporate my illustration skills through multiple stages of the UX process. During my career, I have worked on multiple campaigns for companies such as Disney, EA, Nike and Coca-Cola.  Currently I am working in the Fintech space as a UX Design Lead for JPMorgan Chase.