UX Design & StoryArtist

The Art & Design of Frank Barnhardt

My name is Frank and I am a hands-on creative with years of experience in design; but also loves to illustrate and storyboard.

From concept to completion, my passion is to creatively collaborate on good projects with passionate teams. With a wide range of artistic skills at my despoil, I work with fellow designers, copywriters and developers help innovative creative solutions to creative problems.

As a professional, I have worked for high profile companies such as Disney, WildBrain and EA. Currently I am a VP UX Design Lead for Chase Bank. I am also a freelance illustrator always looking for promising projects.

If you have any questions or want to talk about a project, please email me, I’d love to chat.



  • Strong comprehension with UX/UI principles

  • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite & Sketch, and InVision

  • Prototyping and UX motion studies

  • Proficient with typography and color theory

  • Produces to meet brand guidelines

  • Seasoned with ADA principles

  • Proficient with Keynote


  • Illustration / Painting major

  • Traditional drawing skills

  • Vector illustration and icon creation

  • Experience with storyboarding

  • Experience with Traditional 2D animation

  • Daily sketching enthusiast

  • Bass and rhythm guitar (always up for a jam)


I work in a fast pace design environment and the core of my job day is collaboration between multiple teams (content, legal, developers) to produce a multitude of projects.

This includes brainstorming sessions, wireframes, animated prototypes and implementing impeccable assets for final delivery that is consistent with the brands typography, color theory and layout principles.



My passion lies with illustration. Often, I build artistic comps to help visualize early concepts for presentations and frequently use visuals to map out customer journeys through storyboards and visual panels.

I have multiple drawing styles and also have knowledge of working with 2D application when needed. I love to draw—personally and professionally. It’s my first love.